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 Getting Unstuck Workshop Coming in October


Are you satisfied with your job or career path?   Have you lost focus of your passion? Is it impossible to find time to invest in yourself or to find time for self-care?  Work with me in a small group setting (3 to 5 people) to look at the different issues that cause you to be stuck in place and unable to move forward with your goals.  We will use different techniques that include discussion, journaling and meditation (walking, sitting, and movement) to help you gain insight into what keeps you from moving forward.  Call 240 403 4036 to schedule your appointment! 





Meditation and Journaling for Personal Growth


Relieve stress and gain insight in to personal problems by writing down your personal thoughts.  This is not a writing class. It is a workshop where you will engage in discussions with other women interested in learning how to replace the shadows of indifference and self-neglect with positive thoughts about growth and accomplishment through journaling. There will also be exercises that integrate meditation with journaling to build self-worth.

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