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Meditation Training for Therapists and Counselors Program is currently being revised and should be available this fall.

 Peaceful Mind * Peaceful Spirit * Meditation Training for Counselors and Therapists

Incorporate meditation techniques into the way you work with your clients. Help the client to use life experiences to relax and reduce stress. For example,  think about the feeling you get when watching a beautiful sunset, walking on the beach, hiking in a beautiful wooded area or sitting beside a beautiful waterfall.  We get the same feeling of peace and calmness when meditating.  You will learn how to help your clients use these feelings to relax and reduce stress.

Learn 5 new meditation strategies

  1. Give clients skills needed to identify different types of emotional pain.
  2. Learn how to use meditation techniques to help clients reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Help clients with addictions learn to disarm triggers.
  4. Teach clients with anxiety to release negative mental chatter.
  5. Learn how to prepare guided meditations for clients.



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